Alberta Welcomes the Palate of Fine, South African Wine

South African Wine | Alberta Welcomes It
As the summer sun rises in Alberta, the Cape Wine lands of South Africa prepare to settle in for another cold winter night. The soil is hard and the vines are bare, resting after a hot and fruitful season.

A myriad of wines has been made, bottled, labeled and selected to make their way into wine glasses all over the globe. Their sole purpose? To be enjoyed and appreciated in every setting, season and occasion. It should come as no surprise then, that wine glasses in Alberta are also being filled with liquid as beautiful and valuable as the vineyards which they came from in South Africa’s Western Cape province.   Cape Town | Wine

The beauty of the Cape Winelands is felt as much as it is seen. In summer, green vineyards stretch across the region, running up and down mountain slopes providing breath-taking views. A light ocean breeze cuts through the heat and humidity, and flora such as Fynbos adds color and scents which are all synonymous with South Africa and its wine culture. The local climate and diversity of complex soils in the Cape lands create the ideal conditions for a vast variety of grapes to thrive, resulting in the production of wines which are rich, well-structured and versatile.  

South Africa has a history of wine making dating back to around 1659, which was the year when the first grapes were pressed for by Dutch settlers.  As time went by, wine makers in South Africa continued to learn techniques and methods from foreign travelers and immigrants, and so managed to give greater depth and breadth to winemaking traditions over centuries. Today, many of the 600+ producers in South Africa would say that stylistically, their wines occupy the middle ground between Old World and New World. South African winemakers are not only looking back towards their 350 years of wine making tradition for inspiration, they are also looking forward into the future, and have been consistently topping the list of new varieties.  

It is hardly surprising that the excitement over these New World wines has reached Alberta, but this is only the beginning for our wine culture province. With the exception of France, South Africa’s wine sales are growing faster than all other wine producing nations, even Italy and Spain.

The selection will only be growing, which might pose a problem for some: How to choose? It can be daunting to choose a wine from a foreign country when one has no more to go by than perhaps the price, a label and the origin of the wine.

Quorum Brands Inc. has done Alberta a favor by importing two ranges of wine which showcase the best of what the South African wine industry has to offer: The Cape Sun Wines and Carrol Boyes Wines ranges.

  South African artist and entrepreneur Carrol Boyes’ name is synonymous with creativity, elegance, and luxury. She has now merged her two greatest passions of design and wine under her iconic Carrol Boyes brand. The wine bottle labels are all designed by Carrol for an aesthetically pleasing compliment to the wine.

Award winning winemaker Hendrick Snyman has crafted exquisite wines under the labels of Carrol Boyes and Cape Sun. The Cape Sun wines are a private-label brand and tailor-made to showcase the best of South Africa’s viticulture.  Quorum Brands Inc., an Alberta-based importer, carries both the Carrol Boyes and Cape Sun lines.  

Both Carrol Boyes and Quorum Brands are not only creating value by making wine and sharing it, they are also adding value by committing to support the empowerment of women in South Africa.South African Wine They do this by the support of a non-profit organization called Monkeybiz.  For 18 years Monkeybiz has helped women pull themselves and their families out of the depths of poverty and given them a sense of community, belonging and worth. At Monkeybiz the women create traditional and eclectic works of bead art and are provided with a venue to sell their pieces. 

Currently, Monkey Biz sells the work of 450 local artists, both in its Cape Town store and worldwide. A financial contribution from every bottle of Carrol Boyes and Cape Sun goes directly to supporting the women at Monkeybiz.  

With a glass of Carrol Boyes or Cape Sun wine in hand, it is time to let the mind unwind from the busy day and think about the good things. South African wines are perfect at a dinner party, with family and friends, or simply enjoy a glass alone with a good book. 

No matter the setting or intent, try the wines that are becoming some of the world's new favorites.   You can learn more about the Carrol Boyes and Cape Sun wines, read tasting notes and find out where to buy in Alberta by visiting
Nina Stumpfe

Nina lives in the heart of the Cape Winelands of South Africa. She is a lover of languages, good food, and good wine. She spends much of her free time touring wine farms in the area and hiking with her golden retriever, Senna.

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