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Where To Find The Best South African Wines

South Africa has a wine making history of over three hundred years. The industry has continued to grow and develop to the point that South Africa is now the seventh largest producer worldwide, having produced around 1089 million litres of the best South African wines in 2016 alone.

What is wonderful about this, is that not only has production grown, the wine industry as a whole is continually working towards goals such as social and environmental sustainability. The industry is on board with eco-social development, sustainability and the drive to produce the best wines in the world.

South Africa is a pretty ideal place for growing wine.


Just a few months ago I was given a tour of a farm in Stellenbosch, which is situated in the beautiful Cape Winelands. The farmer took us up a hill from where all we could see was mountains, slopes and the ocean in the distance. He pointed out the mountains and different types of soils in the area. He told me that these ancient soils date back 1000 million years and together with the climate, slopes and ocean breeze, create not only breath-taking beauty, but also the ideal conditions for making exceptional wine.

South Africa may be producing significant volumes of wine, but the priority of producing quality over quantity is evident. The best South African wines are winning an increasing number of international awards every year. These award winning new world wines are being produced not only in the Cape Winelands, but all over South Africa, and are a force to be reckoned with.

It should come as no surprise then, that South African wines are finding their way on to shelves in stores in even the most remote places all over the world. Every grocery store or supermarket worth its salt has an import section of some or other size in its wine aisle. The number of South African wines in each section is sure to increase, and people all around the world are beginning to be spoiled for variety.

Where To Buy The Best South African Wines

The problem is, most chains will stock the same wines, so it is up to the consumer to take the extra step towards finding something a little more…above average. Don’t get me wrong, the average South African wine, in my humble opinion as someone who can’t necessarily afford the best stuff, is a whole lot better and more drinkable than some of the average local wines of most other countries I have visited. Still, It often takes a little more effort to find something a bit more special, but not exhaustive amounts of effort.

All it takes is a quick online search and you are bound to find more than a few stores which stock some delightfully different South African wines. In every country I have lived in, there were three or four South African brands I would find in every store. Although they were a welcome taste of home, I missed variety, which I would always find in either speciality import stores or certain liquor stores. South Africa produces a myriad of wines, and for wine lovers such as myself, I am excited at the idea that my future holds countless experiences of infinite tasting possibilities.

Alberta, you too have a variety of South African wines to choose from

You do not have to simply be satisfied with the limited choice that supermarkets give you! Alberta is spoiled for stores and locations where some of the finest South African wines can be found. These wines are a cut above the average supermarket stock and are a showcase of the quality that the South African wine industry has to offer.

Below are just some of the places you can find Barnardt Boyes Cape Sun wines as well as Carrol Boyes wines.

  • Among others…

For the exact location & directions of where you can find each brand & palate, head over here to find stores stocking the stunning Carrol Boyes and Cape Sun ranges. They will set you on the right path in your pursuit of exploring the wonderful world of the best South African wines: https://quorumbrands.com/where-to-buy/

Where To Find The Best South African Wines
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Where To Find The Best South African Wines
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